West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy’s Affiliate Referral Program.

Once the Affiliate has been accepted into the Referral Program the following comes into effect.

  1. The West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy (WCIA) will pay the Affiliate a  CDN$50.00 Referral Fee for any new customer that purchases an aromatherapy course through their Affiliate link.
  2. WCIA will pay the Affiliate a 10% commission on any Workshops purchased through their Affiliate link.
  3. If a refund is made on any eligible sale by WCIA, no payment will be due to the Affiliate and if necessary adjustments will be made accordingly on the next scheduled payment date.
  4. On joining WCIA’s Affiliate Referral Program the Affiliate will be issued with a unique link to our site. In order to qualify for the Referral Fee, the customer must use this link when they visit our site. The first time that a lead visits our site from an Affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their computer.  Every time they visit our site after this our software will recognize where the lead originated.  To be sure that the Affiliate’s contacts are tracked effectively, contacts must click on the Affiliate web link exactly as provided by WCIA.  WCIA is not responsible for human error or technical difficulties that occur when a person is using the link. WCIA is not liable for failure by you to properly use the Affiliate web link.
  5. If you wish you may download the image to use in conjunction with your Affiliate link in your promotions.
  6. The use of the unique Affiliate link is not limited to a website. It may also be included in other promotional campaigns run by the Affiliate including email promotions and newsletters.  Those who don’t have websites can still join our Affiliate Referral Program and earn the Referral Fee for new customers generated through their email promotions and/or newsletters.
  7. Each time a new customer is registered and an order is placed, the system automatically tracks the sale and any appropriate referral fee.  Referral Fees are payable once the items have been paid for in full. Payment will be made once a month via PayPal.
  8. The Affiliate is responsible for filing and remitting the appropriate taxes due on any Referral Fees received.
  9. The Affiliate is responsible for keeping WCIA up to date on all their contact information.
  10. WCIA reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, at its sole discretion.
  11. WCIA is committed to permission-based email marketing practices. We do not condone or use Spam and will not tolerate the use of Spam in the promotion of our products.  Any use of Spam should be reported directly to WCIA.