The rain appears to have really settled in today,  so instead of getting out and about with my family,  it seems more appropriate to settle the grandkids down in front of the TV with a movie that they can all watch.  The plus of all this is that I am able to work on my 2018 New Year Blend.  As I thought about what I was going to use this year, I was inspired to use my Aromatherapy Insight Cards.  First I carefully set my intent, then I shuffled the cards, and then I laid them out with anticipation to see what would come up.

2018 New Year Blend.
Essential Oil Attribute Note Intensity Blend Drops
Peppermint Purpose Middle 7 1
Sandalwood Contemplation Base 5 3
Grapefruit Optimism Top 4 4
Juniper Preparation Middle 5 2
Spearmint Invigoration Middle 6 1
Bergamot Cheerfulness Top 4 4



After looking at these six oils and their intensities, I came up with my formula for the drops of each in the blend.  Then after looking at the Attributes for each card I came up with the affirmation to use when I spray my blend this year.


After careful contemplation,
I prepare to move forward with my purpose for 2018
with optimism and cheerfulness,
secure in the knowledge that I will be invigorated by the results!

This blend can be used in any one of a number of different ways.  For instance, it works well in any of the diffuser methods.  It can also be diluted into a carrier (3% or less for topical use) and used as a perfume, or a body or massage lotion.  It can be added to a mister bottle and used as a room spray.  My blend has been added to a 100 ml spritzer bottle that contains 99 ml grain alcohol and the 15 drops of my blend.   It is all ready to spray before I do my New Year’s Eve meditation, as well as on the following days to anchor in the energetics of the New Year Message.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2018 will be a year that will bring an abundance of blessings, love, joy, and health into all of your lives.

Seasonal Blends for New Year