How has your start to the New Year been?  After spending time with my grandchildren I am determined to prolong that wonderful feeling of living in the now and being fully present.   For a short time I left routine, schedules, and all the nitty gritty things that go on in the background of running a business on the side, to just enjoy being with them.  They left on Tuesday and since then I have been catching up and getting back on track.  At the same time I intend to incorporate that wonderful feeling of ‘going with the flow’ and ‘living in the now’ as much as I can.  So I created a synergy to help me do just that.  These are the ones I came up for my 2017 – Being Present Synergy.

Myrtle (Myrtus communis) – Myrtle provides protection during major life transitions.  It also promotes harmony, love and respect.  It is useful in balancing opposites and it can help one ‘go with the flow’.

Jasmine (Jasmineum officinale) – Jasmine unites and harmonizes opposites to promote wholeness.  It calms, soothes, relaxes and lifts the spirits.  It helps to release worry and allow one to live in the present moment.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) – Lavender balances all the energy centers and subtle bodies.  It shows us the balance point in every moment, as well as helping us to release whatever is interfering with the present.

Mandarin (Citrus reticulate) – Mandarin helps us recognize that change promotes growth and enables us to let go of resistance to it.  It can help us be more consciously present as well as promote joy and happiness.

I do hope that your start to 2017 has been a good one too!


Seasonal Blends for New Year