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Beverley Hawkins started the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy in 1999 and for more than 20 years she has been teaching aromatherapy courses and aromatherapy workshops through her aromatherapy school.  She offers aromatherapy training for everyone from the enthusiast to the professional.  Her aromatherapy certification courses present in-depth detailed information in a clear, fun and easy to understand way.  As a practitioner she continues to hone her skills and gather hands on experience and it is the depth of this clinical experience, together with her constant drive to learn more and more, that makes Beverley an incredible mentor and guide to her students.

Start whenever you are ready and learn in the comfort of your own home. With our self-directed home study courses and workshops, you are able to design your own learning schedule.  This allows you to study and work through the material at times that are convenient to you and your lifestyle at your own pace.  Along the way Beverley is available to answer your questions and provide more insight and support.

Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy 101 is the starting point on the journey to aromatherapy certification. In this course, we start at the beginning and systematically go through everything you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils.

Aromatherapy 201

Aromatherapy 201 builds on the foundation learned in Aromatherapy 101 and completion of Aromatherapy 101 is a prerequisite for moving on to this course. This is the course that leads to Professional Aromatherapy Certification.

Aromatherapy 301

Aromatherapy 301 covers Advanced Aromatherapy Techniques. Completion of Aromatherapy 101 and Aromatherapy 201, or an equivalent Professional Aromatherapy Course is a prerequisite for enrolling in this course. The next step after aromatherapy certification.

How the Courses are Structured
  • Each Aromatherapy course consists of three Course Books and one Workbook.
  • Each lesson in the workbook follows the same format of Read, Experience, Activity, Test.
  • Read the material as outlined in the lesson.  Enjoy your personal experience with the essential oil or oils. Complete the activity designed for that lesson.  Review what you have learned by taking the test.
  • Each student works through the course material at their own pace and they will design their study schedule to suit their own needs. Each course has a generous timeline within which to complete the course, as experience has shown it helps to keep students motivated and on track.
  • Although working on your own can be a bit daunting, at WCIA help is always close at hand.  Whether you pick up the phone, send an email, ask the question on the closed Facebook Group, or set up an appointment on Skype or Zoom, Beverley is always happy to answer your questions and students are encouraged to ask all their questions as they come up along the way.
  • Everything you need for your course is found in the three Course Books and Workbook and there is no need to purchase any additional text books.
  • You will want to have some essential oils to work with, and I recommend that you start with at least 10 – 15 essential oils, a couple of carrier oils and some containers to blend the in.  You can always add more as you work through the course.
Additional Support and Benefits
  • The closed Facebook group is a great place to interact with others who are taking, or who have taken, the courses. It provides a relaxed environment in which to ask questions, share information and bounce ideas around in.
  • The Student’s Corner is a valuable resource that is filled with lots of additional information.
  • Other Student Benefits to be found in the Student’s Corner include:
      • A full list of participating Essential Oil Suppliers, both in Canada and the USA, who sell to our students at a Student Discount.
      • LabAroma’s chemistry based, aromatherapy focused, software tool is available to any of our Students who choose to take advantage of LabAroma’s special Student Discount by using WCIA’s unique code.
      • 40 Direct Contact Hours.  Working through the Direct Contact Study Guides is completely optional.  The Direct Contact Study Guides are available for all Students to download and work through.  Those who choose to complete the Questionnaires will have these additional Direct Contact hours recognized on their Official Transcripts.  Additionally, anyone who has completed the Questionnaire is welcome to set up a one-on-one Zoom meeting with Beverley to discuss the topic in more detail.
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Tuition Tax Certificate

The West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy is a recognized Vocational School in Canada.

Students enrolled in an Aromatherapy Course will be issued a Tuition Tax Certificate yearly.

No GST will be charged on any of the Aromatherapy Courses, although it is due for Canadian Workshops.

Recognized By
Recognized By BCAOA | West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Associations in North America

BCAOA – British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy (Canada)
NAHA – National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (USA)
AIA – Alliance of International Aromatherapists (USA)

Graduates of Aromatherapy 201 are eligible to write :
In Canada
CFA – Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists’ Entrance Exam
In the USA
ARC – Aromatherapy Registration Council’s Exam

Aromatherapy Workshops

Whether or not you are interested in becoming an Aromatherapist, if you use essential oils, Aromatic Medicine for Self-Care, or Essential Oils and Children, are great ways for you to learn more about using essential oils safely and effectively for yourself and your family.
For those who already are trained, they are a great way to increase your knowledge.  In addition to the Aromatic Medicine and Essential Oils and Children Workshop, the Aroma Massage Video, Business Strategies, and Chemistry Home Study Workshops
can help to enhance your existing practice. These courses are downloadable PDF files, while the Aroma Massage Video is viewable online and can be downloaded.

NEW Workshop on the ONLINE Platform
Introduction to Natural Perfumery

All of the workshops also have the potential to earn you CE credits, depending on individual association requirements.
A Certificate of Completion is available on all the workshops for those who follow through and take the test.
Follow the links for the individual workshops, or follow this link for a quick overview of all the workshops.

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