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Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy 101 is the starting point on the journey to aromatherapy certification. In this course, we start at the beginning and systematically go through everything you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils. You learn how essential oils can be used to enhance the health and happiness of yourself, your family and friends. If you only intend to use essential oils privately this may be the only course you ever need to take. On the other hand, if you are intending to incorporate them into a business venture, continuing on with the Aromatherapy 201 course may be appropriate.  After completing Aromatherapy 101, you will be able to effectively use Aromatherapy and the essential oils covered in the aromatherapy course for yourself and family. This aromatherapy course could also prepare you to work in the Aromatherapy Industry. Examples of career opportunities include working in retail outlets selling essential oils as well as product formulation and blending.

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Aromatherapy 201

Aromatherapy 201 together with Aromatherapy 101, is our Clinical Aromatherapy program.  Aromatherapy 201 builds on the foundations laid down in Aromatherapy 101, which is why completion of Aromatherapy 101 is a prerequisite for moving on to this course.  The concepts learned in the Aromatherapy 101 are expanded upon and new information is added to round out your knowledge.  This course focuses on learning the skills required to create effective, unique blends and protocols for the challenges individual clients are dealing with.  In addition to this, this course covers additional essential oil profiles and carriers, as well as  anatomy & physiology and how essential oils work in each system.  A certificate recognizing the graduate as a Clinical Aromatherapist is issued on successful completion and would benefit anyone wishing to practice Aromatherapy professionally.  Health Care practitioners, such as massage therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists etc. who wish to incorporate Aromatherapy into their practice. Those working in the Aromatherapy Industry, in retail stores or product formulation etc, will also benefit from the added information contained in these home study distance learning aromatherapy courses.

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How the Courses are Structured
  • The Course Material is downloaded in a zip file.  One for Aromatherapy 101 and another for Aromatherapy 201.
  • Each zip file contains three Course Books and one Workbook in PDF format.  These PDF files may be printed, but cannot be changed.
  • The Workbook is the guide that takes one through the course material.  The Aromatherapy 101 Workbook has 20 lessons, while the Aromatherapy 201 Workbook has 40 lessons.
  • Each lesson in the workbook follows the same format of Read, Experience, Activity, Test.
  • Read the material as outlined in the lesson.  Enjoy your personal experience with the essential oil or oils. Complete the activity designed for that lesson.  Review what you have learned by taking the test.
  • Each student works through the course material at their own pace and they will design their study schedule to suit their own needs. Each course has a generous timeline within which to complete the course, as experience has shown it helps to keep students motivated and on track.
  • Although working on your own can be a bit daunting, at WCIA help is always close at hand.  Whether you pick up the phone, send an email, ask the question on the closed Facebook Group, or set up an appointment on Skype or Zoom, Beverley is always happy to answer your questions and students are encouraged to ask all their questions as they come up along the way.
  • Everything you need for your course is found in the three Course Books and Workbook and there is no need to purchase any additional text books.
  • You will want to have some essential oils to work with, and I recommend that you start with at least 10 – 15 essential oils, a couple of carrier oils and some containers to blend the in.  You can always add more as you work through the course.
Additional Support and Benefits
  • The closed Facebook group is a great place to interact with others who are taking, or who have taken, the courses. It provides a relaxed environment in which to ask questions, share information and bounce ideas around in.
  • The Student’s Corner is a valuable resource and filled with lots of information and support.
Beverley Hawkins, Founder and Owner
  • I am here to answer all  questions that might come up, as well as provide insight and support along this exciting journey of discovery.
  • I have worked in the health field for more years than I care to remember and have been an aromatherapist since 1994.  I founded the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy In 1999 and have been offering the aromatherapy courses through guided self-directed home study ever since.
  • I am passionate about aromatherapy and the effective use of aromatics and have maintained a private practice for many years.  I love working with clients as it is here that I have the opportunity to gather hands on experience which continues to enhance my clinical skills.
  • I really appreciate the fact that, no matter how much you know, there are always the opportunities to learn more in this field.  I am always on the lookout for new ways to enhance my knowledge, including adding more books to my already large collection, or taking advantage of attending an appropriate workshops.
  • I love sharing sharing this information with others and being able to guide others through their exploration of this wonderful field is a real privilege.  It remains a joy to watch each one progress along their journey in their own special way. I see how their confidence and knowledge base grows consistently with each lesson and activity that they complete. And when they are ready to graduate I am thrilled to welcome them as the successful, knowledgeable and effective Aromatherapists they have become!
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Tuition Tax Certificate

The West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy is a recognized Vocational School in Canada.

Students enrolled in an Aromatherapy Course will be issued a Tuition Tax Certificate yearly.

No GST will be charged on any of the Aromatherapy Courses, although it is due for Canadian Workshops.

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